Grips – Med Resistance

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Medium Resistance Grips “Cross Trainers”

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Medium Resistance Black Hand Grips or our “Cross Trainer” The medium size rails allows for a moderate level of resistance through the water when pushed to maximum exertion the resistance is intense. Excellent for teenagers, adults, athletes, and select physical therapy patients to increase strength, stamina and toning. Can be used to duplicate sport movement techniques for tennis, golf, boxing etc…

Providing even resistance through all angles of motion. Compact and highly effective, it feel natural and comfortable in your hands. The rounded shape, provides a unique “omni-directional drag resistance” = even resistance in every direction.

  • Patented, omni-directional and rotational design is like no other
  • Resistance is directly proportional to amount of effort expended
  • The harder you push the water, the harder the resistance
  • Maximizes water resistance in all dimensions of movement
  • Neutral buoyancy delivers safe range of motion in all directions
  • Compact, light weight, and portable.

Manufactured with impact-resistant plastic; resistant to harmful UV rays and chlorine; neutral buoyancy in water.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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