Grips – High Resistance

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High Resistance Hand Grips “Sculpting”

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High Resistance Blue Hand Grips “Sculpting” The large size rail delivers significant resistance through the water. Ideal for well-conditioned adults, military personnel, police and firefighters, and sports-specific athletes looking for peak performance to build size and explosive strength. Less reps with much more resistance. Providing even resistance through all angles of motion, it feels natural and comfortable in your hands. The rounded shape, provides a unique “omni-directional drag resistance” = even resistance in every direction.

  • Patented, omni-directional and rotational design is like no other
  • Resistance is directly proportional to amount of effort expended
  • The harder you push in the water, the harder the resistance
  • Maximizes water resistance in all dimensions of movement
  • Neutral buoyancy delivers safe range of motion in all directions

Manufactured with impact-resistant plastic; resistant to harmful UV rays and chlorine; neutral buoyancy in water.

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