About Us

AquaFit Miami is much more than water aerobics, it’s more than an underwater gym. We offer private one-on-one personal water fitness training or private aquatic therapy, plus offer small group personal training sessions (up to 5 people), or large classes (6+). All with a Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor coming to your pool using state-of-the-art water fitness gear. Please review our coverage area MAP.

AquaFit Miami is NOT just buoyancy foam equipment nor is it like any water fitness, aqua aerobics or water class you may have experienced. What sets us apart over and above the experienced excellent aquatic training we offer is the variety of gear we use.

What’s Different About Us?

AquaFit Miami takes water exercise and rehabilitation to a new level. The Grips and Fins have a unique patented design that takes advantage of a concept called “omnidirectional drag resistance,” which simply means,  even resistance in every direction.

The Grips and Fins are not only effective exercise products that shape, tone, and increase cardiovascular endurance; but are also incredible rehabilitation and therapy tools that have far-reaching applications.

AquaFit Miami incorporates cardio, cross-training, and body sculpting into one fitness system accommodating all fitness levels and age groups. From high-performance athletes to fitness enthusiasts, seniors and children, overweight to rehabilitation, there is no better way to utilize and enjoy the benefits of water exercise training. The Aerobic Workout of your Life – If you’ve been searching for a fitness routine that tones muscles, builds strength, reduces fat, increases coordination, enhances cardiovascular fitness, and increases flexibility and coordination – you’ve come to the right place.

  • Delivers an upper, lower, and full-body workout in a very short period.
  • Different resistance levels accommodate all age groups and ability levels.
  • Patent designs deliver resistance that automatically changes with applied effort.
  • Effectively stimulate and stretch muscles as no other water fitness system can.
  • Permits more effective exercise in less time with virtually no post-exercise perspiration.
  • Effective workouts can be achieved in as little as 20–30 minutes, 3 times a week.

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