Benefits of AquaFit Miami

AquaFit Miami effectively helps get you in shape if you aren’t and gets you into amazing condition if you are. It’s more than just weight loss and toning up, it’s significantly about being the best you can be and feel by increasing your strength, core, and flexibility. In the water, you move in a more resistant environment you can’t duplicate on land.

Some of the reasons you should seriously consider starting an AquaFit regiment:

  • Natural Resistance – At sea level, water (liquid) has 12x the resistance of air (gas) and is 784x denser/thicker than air. What this means is you apply more force to the water as opposed to the same movement in the air. Instead of gravity as resistance, the water’s dynamic resistance force is constant, which means the more force that is applied, the more resistance it will offer. This is a huge benefit that affords many different aqua fitness and skill level participants to exercise together, modifying the movement to meet their individual needs.

  • Less Likely to Injure – Because of the resistance, movement in the water tends to be slower and more controlled, which lessens the risk of injury. This constant resistance helps to promote muscular balance and allows for a variety of ways to create resistance to exercise that will not overload muscles or joints.

  • Increased Oxygen in Bloodstream – As much as 20% more oxygen is pumped through the heart as a result of AquaFit training in the water allowing for you to breathe easier and if desired, push harder.

  • Virtually No Impact – AquaFit exercises decrease compression of body joints and unlike conventional weight and cardio exercises there is virtually no muscle soreness the days that follow a workout.

  • Psychological Well-Being – Exercising outdoors in water promotes relaxation, and reduces the potential for overheating that leads to excessive sweating, unlike the stagnant air, and smell of gym environs of cardio or weight equipment.

  • Different levels of resistance – Mix and match your AquaFit workout depending on your fitness level with Cardio, Cross-Training, and Sculpting you can find the complete or target workout you want.

  • Circulatory  & Cardiorespiratory System – Benefit greatly from aquatic exercise due to the increased muscle contraction and aerobic activity, causing the heart to work more effectively. Due to increased lung capacity with deeper ventilation, vigorous aerobic aquatic exercise increases blood supply to muscles and enhances the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.
  • Musculoskeletal & Skeletal System – Muscles and bones benefit from aquatic exercise due to improved flexibility and improved muscular strength and endurance. Research shows aquatic exercise can help in bone calcium intake, resulting in the ability to help maintain stronger bones.
  • Maximum Flexibility – The water environment invites all age groups, fitness levels, and skill levels. It affords an instructor enough flexibility to teach a wide variety of classes from water yoga to intense athletic training, from stretching and relaxation classes to muscular training formats.
  • Preventatives – Help control weight; reduce risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and colon cancer; reduces risk of premature death and heart disease; helps maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints

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