AquaFit Programs

A Few of Many Programs We Offer

Our gear and training is so adaptive we can “create” several kinds of programs, all of which can be custom-designed specifically for you and/or your group/class. For Water Fitness we offer One-On-One, small groups (up to 5 people), and/or classes (6 or more). Aquatic Therapy, is only available for private One-On-One.

Here are but a few examples:

kat-preg02Aqua-With-Child PREGNANT MOMS – PRE-/POST-DELIVERY

We incorporate, water yoga, water pilates, water ballet stretches, dance, core, hip flexor, abductor/adductor resistance, tai chi, non-weight bearing resistance, aerobic, and cardio with our least resistant fins and grips. Read one of our client profiles here

Do It, Don't Reveal ItAquaOMG “I had no idea!” HARDCORE SWEATING IN THE WATER?

The key here is to make waves, period. We elevate your heart rate, you will feel the “burn”. Hardcore cardio, HiiT (High-intensity interval training), aqua sprints, core, resistance running, lower/upper body resistance training, deep water cardio (you move or you’ll sink), plyometrics, fast twitch, speed, stamina, strength & coordination. All sizes of fins and grips are used, plus other secret stuff. 😉


Focusing on flexibility, range of motion, walking, stretching with resistance, strength training non-weight bearing resistance, proprioception therapy, light to moderate cardio, focus on form, core, posture, yoga, light aqua pilates with our least and most resistant fins and grips.


Looking for a certified instructor to teach you and/or your child to swim? Or looking to improve your swim stroke? AquaFit Miami has amazing certified instructors with years of experience. Certification from USWFA, AEA plus First Aid, CPR, and AED (via Amercan Red Cross). Space is limited


This is the Water Workout of your Life – If you’ve been searching for a fitness routine that tones muscles, builds strength, reduces fat, increases coordination, enhances cardiovascular fitness, and increases flexibility and coordination regardless of your current fitness level – you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of our Adaptive Fitness System

  • Delivers an upper-lower and full-body workout in a very short period of time.
  • Three different resistance levels for the upper and lower body accommodate all age groups and ability levels.
  • The patented designs of the grips delivers resistance that automatically changes with the effort applied.
  • Using the Grips & Fins in water stimulates and stretches muscles as no other system can.
  • The cooling effect of water permits more exercise in less time with virtually no post-exercise perspiration.
  • Effective workouts can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.
  • Will challenge you to reach your physical limits, creating resistance in almost every direction you push or pull.
  • The patented designs of the Grips delivers resistance that automatically changes with the effort applied.
  • The revolutionary Fins will dynamically tone and sculpt the hips, buttocks, outer and inner thighs and midsection. Incorporating the Grips with Fins will deliver a full body workout.

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