Work Out With Your Babies


I started working out with this 39-year-old mom-to-be when she was just ending her first trimester. Being an avid workout junkie she wanted to stay active throughout her first pregnancy and by the third trimester she was exclusively worked out in the water with me, right up to the day before she gave birth to her twin girls. Who, today, are thriving and are healthy and happy.

We discovered, that working out through the entire pregnancy, allowed for an easier birth delivery with several key benefits such as minimizing lower back pain by maintaining core, hip, and leg strength, flexibility, and overall good circulation. An added benefit of keeping the baby weight to a minimum allowed for more energy, and a much quicker recovery period getting her back into tiptop post-pregnancy shape much faster than without exercising before just giving birth.


Only a few weeks after giving birth we were back at it in the water with mom pushing her much harder to flatten her tummy and tighten her core. Her doctor was very impressed by her physical condition at her age, she demonstrated throughout her pregnancy how it positively affected her body condition to help her and long after her babies were delivered. We have been lucky enough to see these little sweet tots turn into delightful little girls.

Additional Videos of AquaMomma Here

Pre-natal Mom Enjoys Class With Men & Women

mom to be, is on the leftAquaFit Miami is so adaptive yet effective in maintaining core strength, balance, and cardiovascular conditioning that we have had pregnant moms in a group with other active men and women.

As an expectant mom, AquaFit Miami can help you stay in optimum health up to delivery day. There is no other water fitness program, either individually or as a group, that is as adaptive or effective in helping you be in the best shape you can be for the most important event in your life. Make AquaFit Miami a part of your pre-and post-natal programs.


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