9 Gravity-Defying Benefits of AquaFit

9 gravity benefitsMore and more people are taking to the water to heal themselves or get into better shape then ever before. AquaFit Miami uses high performance gear to take water fitness to a whole new level. According to ActiveBeats.com here are 9 Gravity-Defying Benefits

1. Joint Friendly 2. Extends Exercise Endurance 3. Averts Overheating 4. Safe For Exercising While Injured 5. Enjoy Enhanced Flexibility 6. Strengthens Immune System 7. Improves Mood and Positivity 8. Increase Longevity 9. Ideal Beginner Exercise


 The following is an excerpt from the article written by Emily Lockhart

Are you looking to improve your cardiovascular health?
Do you crave exercise even though you have sore joints?
Are you recovering from an injury?

Aqua fit, or exercise practiced in water, offers the following nine buoyant benefits.
So do like Michael Phelps and take the plunge into this form of low impact, aquatic fitness…

1. Joint Friendly

Did you know that submerged in water up to the waist, the body is rid of 50-percent of it’s weight? If that blows you away, then try submerging yourself to your neck—now you’re only carrying 10-percent of your total body weight. The buoyancy, or anti-gravity affect of water, will let you float through exercises that would otherwise stress your joints at full capacity, outside of the water. This means if you suffer from joint pain or a chronic joint condition, like arthritis or scoliosis, aqua fit will provide a safe and gentle environment for exercise. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation claims that stretching and strengthening with aquatic exercise relieves joint and muscle pain.

2. Extends Exercise Endurance

The fact that aquatic exercise is low impact totally takes exercise to a new level—time wise, and thus, strengthens the heart. For instance, most of us can perform aqua aerobics in a cool swimming pool for a lot longer than we can perform aerobic exercise on land, thanks to less stress, or impact, on muscles and joints, which leads to greater overall endurance and cardiovascular health.

3. Averts Overheating

Luckily, doing physical fitness in the confines of a cool pool let’s you try out more than a sassy new swimsuit. Because water disperses heat more efficiently than air—you won’t overheat as quickly as you would on land. That means you’ll say temperately comfortable and cool much longer than you would in a regular aerobics studio so you can strut your exercise moves for longer as well.

Read the entire article by Emily Lockhart at activebeat.com

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