Fit, Avid Yoga & Tennis Player

jumpininA 46 yr. old man who is a daily yoga practitioner and avid tennis player was punishing himself by kickboxing and other gym related contact exercises whereby developing problems with his feet and hands. He tried AquaFit Miami and has been a religiously 3x a week client for 9 months. Now he only does, yoga, tennis and AquaFit with the occasional resistance training via pull-ups & push-ups. The water helps him with his tennis game since the movements in tennis create issues with knee, hip, arm and shoulder joints. Not too many pro tennis players in the top 50 are past 30 yrs. old. AquaFit Miami not only helps him recover from his tennis game but also strengthens his game because it improves his core strength, flexibility, agility and range of motion.

Update: January 2016
Client is now 50 yrs old and does AquaFit Miami 2x to 3x a week and still plays tennis and yoga. AquaFit Miami has become part of his lifestyle to live a healthier life.

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